• Bloody Ice Cream (2013)

    A busy college student has a horrible day when his less-than-stable roommate confronts him in this dark comedy. Originally Released: June 16, 2013 Peter Parsley: When I first read the script, it was so dark and absurd that I knew I had to get involved. It gave me the chance to go completely over the …

  • Baby Shoes: The Feather Cut (2013)

    Originally Released: May 27, 2013 W.D. Conine: My projects as of recently have been in flux but I have been wanting to return to Baby Shoes for awhile. The top complaint I always heard was that it was too long for such a simple story and, frankly, I agree. Thirteen minutes did drag on but …

  • Vlog 5-25-13 | Sonic Docuemntary & Special Cuts

    ADHD Version: Sonic X-Treme documentary is taking way longer than expected, it will come out sometime in the future. And i’m working on a¬†drastically¬†shorter cut of Baby Shoes entitled Baby Shoes: The Feather Cut.

  • Vlog (5/11/13)

    Time to clear things up… Part One: Why Did You Stop? Part Two: What Have You Been Doing? Part Three: What Are Your Future Plans?